Baby D’s Bagel & Deli – Pretty tasty bagels with a pretty hefty price tag…but I think they’re worth it

I typically try to avoid saying anything is the “best”. Publicly stating that something is the best practically begs people to disagree with you. I am, however, going to use that dreaded word in my next sentence…

The bagels at Baby D’s Bagel & Deli are the best I’ve had in Louisville to date.

There. I said it. Disagree away.

Bagels are near and dear to me. They hold a special place in my heart. I can remember driving to the bagel shop in a strip mall in central Jersey in what seemed like the middle of the night, although it was probably closer to 5:30am. Me, perhaps around 6 or 7 years old, in my pj’s and a winter coat…the neon glow of the “open” sign in the otherwise dark and desolate strip mall…the smell of my dad’s coffee in the car…the warmth of the paper bag filled with bagels on my lap. This is a good memory. Those (among others I’ve had in the tri-state area) were great bagels. I am a hard to please bagel lover.

Fast forward to lunch last week. Nick and I stopped into Baby D’s, a cute little cafe-looking shop in the Highlands.

From what I’ve read and heard, Baby D’s gets par baked bagels from a factory called A & S in NY. So, when they say that they sell NY bagels, it’s actually technically accurate. They have a picture of the bagel boxes on their Facebook wall if you’re interested. They steam them here in Louisville to finish cooking.

I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this whole importing from NY thing, but as long as they taste as good as they do they can import them from the moon for all I care.

I ordered the Gamehenge ($4.85). It was spinach, cream cheese, cucumber and red peppers. It was supposed to¬† be on a sun dried tomato bagel but when I saw that they had bialys (follow link to find out what a bialy is if you’re not sure) I about screamed and had to order it on one.

My bialy was very good. It had a wonderful texture, chew and tooth feel, and the mixture of spinach, cream cheese, cucumber and red peppers was fantastic.

Nick ordered the Mad Max ($7.25). It was brisket, peppers, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese. He ordered his on a cheddar bagel. His was also delicious. It was flavorful, gooey and juicy. Even with the price of over seven bucks he stated that these were “the best bagels we’ve had in Louisville”. I agreed.

The bagels at Baby D’s cut the mustard, in my opinion anyway. They’re still a far cry from a freshly made New York city bagel, but certainly the best I’ve had in Louisville by far. That’s right, the best.

Their sandwich varieties are extensive and very creative, and they’re open late night for the bar crowd (if you’ve never had a hot bagel after a night of drinking you don’t know what you’re missing). Oh, and they say they roast all their meats in-house. Nick was certainly a fan of their brisket.

The prices are pretty steep. A dozen bagels is “13 and some change” as quoted by a woman behind the counter, and even their most bare bones bagel and butter is $1.95. Bump that up to $2.75 if you want cream cheese. But if shelling out $2.75 is what I have to do in order to properly satisfy my bagel craving I’m willing to do it. A good bagel, much like a good memory, is a powerful thing.

They’re open until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights, and on other days open at a 8 or 9am depending on the day. Seating is somewhat limited but bagels are the perfect hand held food and can be enjoyed just about anywhere! Service was friendly if not a tad slow, but I think they steam the bagels to order (don’t quote me on that…I have to ask them) so that would explain the wait.

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  1. Meg

    Baby D’s is definitely on my bucket list and even more so after this entry! I know your bagel shop love having lived in the northeast before myself and no carb is greater then a big fresh chewey bagel- I’d take it over pasta! Keep up the great entries!

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