Cheeky Sandwiches – A bite of the Big Easy in a little NYC sandwich shop

New Orleans is the type of city that epitomizes the phrase, “It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there”. 

The hubby has been there a few times.  I’ve only been once, with him and a group of friends a few years back, and I feel like I’m still recovering from it.

New Orleans has a history of excess.  I don’t think we slept more than a couple of hours while we were there(the flight attendant literally had to shake us awake when we landed).  We drank like fish.  Listened to music until our ears bled.  And of course, ate like kings. 

From an unforgettable but wallet busting brunch at the Commander’s Palace, to beignets at Café Du Monde and every po-boy and muffalata in between, we went all out.

Looking for a little taste of New Orleans without the liver damage and huge price tag?  Head over to Cheeky Sandwiches for a bite of the big easy in a little NYC sandwich shop.

Cheeky Sandwiches Chicken BiscuitCheeky’s doesn’t exclusively serve New Orleans fare but their small menu is packed with some favorites like poboys (shrimp, oyster or ½ & ½), a veggie muffalata and of course, the ever popular beignet (or Ben-Yay! as they call it). 

The shop is small with seating for perhaps 10-12, but the service is as friendly as it gets so belly up to the little bar and have strike up a conversation.  When we stopped in we chatted about the seasonal Abita beer they had on draft (which was amazing I might add) among other things.  I still can’t get over how welcoming everyone was.  It was like being at a friend’s house for lunch.   

I had the half and half poboy ($8.50) and the hubby had the fried chicken biscuit ($6.50).  We also had two orders of beignets because they were 3 for $1 and DELICIOUS!!! My poboy was big and tasty.  They fried the seafood to order so it was hot and crispy when they added it to my sandwich.  The bread was just right for a classic poboy, almost like a delicate, more flakey version of French bread.  Nick’s chicken biscuit was good, if not a bit messy.  It was topped with a thick country gravy and some crispy slaw.  Being a southern boy he’s had his share of chicken biscuits and this one was “good” in his opinion. Cheeky Sandwiches Po Boy

It was noon (ok, maybe 11:58am) when we sat down on a Saturday so I had a beer because, well, because I wanted one.  Like I said earlier, they had a bitchin’ seasonal Abita on draft that hit the spot.  Nick had some chicory coffee in true n’awlins style.  We finished our meal with the delicious and oh so reasonably priced beignets, hot from the fryer, dusted with powdered sugar.  They might not have been better than the ones in New Orleans but they’re still damn fine food if you ask me. 

As we left they thanked us again for coming in and sent us on our way feeling more welcome than ever.  I mention this fact again because there’s something about going to a small, friendly establishment that makes the food taste even better.  You watch them make it.  You chat with them as they cook.  You experience more than just a meal.  You feel like you’re part of it all.

They’re cash only.  They’re open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s a small place so don’t go with a large group unless you’re planning on getting some grub to go.  For two people it would be a cute little date spot or casual outing. 

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