Rock, Rock, Rockaway Taco

Beach season is upon us again.  I sit here, sunburned from head to toe as I write.

The hubby isn’t what you’d call a fan of beach.  Let me rephrase that.  He’s not a big fan of non-tropical beaches. 

He loves boat drinks and lounging by the pool.  He loves sailing and scuba diving.  He’s addicted to island hopping in the Caribbean, but East Coast beaches don’t strike his fancy. Rockaway Taco Outside

I can see his point.  Often you find endless stretches of hot sand, hordes of people, relentless sun and no way to escape it.  So how did I get him to take me to Rockaway Beach?  I dangled a delicious fish taco in front of him like a carrot on a stick and away we went.

Before I talk about the fantastic fish taco I had at Rockaway Taco I must first address the issue of getting there.  Honestly, It’s a haul if you don’t have a car, and probably still a haul if you do.  The neighborhood isn’t what I’d call great.  In fact there are some pretty sketchy areas complete with resident sketchy characters, but all that being said, I’ve already decided to return (maybe multiple times this summer) for the not-terrible beach (it was actually pretty alright considering the hurricane) and the yummy tacos.

Housed in a shack on a residential street, Rockaway Taco is an oasis.  People stand outside, chatting in their madras shorts or more likely their rolled up cutoff jeans.  There are skateboarders, surfers and fixed gear bikers alike.  There are yuppies and hippies, families and hipsters, and families OF hipsters.  Young and old converge together in the tiny, yet welcoming alley-way-like-seating-area, where they balance tacos on their laps and see if their dogs will eat the radish slices that unfortunately fall from their grasps.  Waiting a few minutes for your taco won’t be a problem once you realize the people watching opportunities at hand.

Rockaway Taco Corn On The CobYou order with the super (super duper) nice guy at the walk up window, pay him(cash only please), give him your name and wait to be called.  Then the fun begins. 

I thought the fish taco ($3.50) with it’s massive portion of crispy fried fish and delicious creamy sauce and fresh and tangy slaw was as good as ones we’ve had on the beach in Santa Monica, CA.  He said I was crazy, but I don’t think they were far off.

The carnitas taco ($3.50) was good but certainly held up to the translation of “little meats” because the chopped meat was just that, sort of undefinable protein, but good none the less. They also offer a chorizo taco (I think the carnitas had some chorizo in it) and a tofu taco for the vegetarians out there. 

Nick is a sucker for corn on the cobb and this one ($3) was perfect handheld food.  A little spice, a little cheese and a squirt of lime and he was happy. 

They sell little bags of one of my favorite things in the world, pepitas!  They’re spiced with chili and lime and they’re a steal at a buck. Rockaway Taco Fish And Carnita Tacos

The menu also features fried sweet plantains (I’m getting them next time), a few different quesadillas, a cucumber salad that looked downright refreshing, chips and salsa/guacamole and more.  Nothing is overpriced and everyone we saw seemed to be enjoying their food.  They also served a bunch of yummy looking beverages, although I almost always bring my own water because I’m a cheapskate. 

They’re cash only, seating is extremely limited and then it’s only bench seating with no tables. There’s no inside so it’s all al fresco.  There’s a large public parking lot one block over and if you can find a spot take it and enjoy some beach time after your taco.  One more note…many of the smaller streets are blocked off since the hurricane so your GPS might tell you to turn down a street that basically doesn’t exist. 

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