The Lobster Joint Happy Hour – A delicious deal on the half shell

They say timing is everything and if you live in New York you better believe it.  You feel that rumbling under your feet and know you missed the train.  Timing.  You think for sure you can grab one more beer before the free David Seadaris reading because people in this city must have better things to do than stand in line for hours to see him.  Timing.  

Lobster Joint Oysters

But if you’re smart you can use the ticking clock to your advantage.  I keep a veritable rolodex of happy hour bars and specials in my phone.  Near Astor Place around 6pm and looking for some cheap libations?  No problem.  My rolodex says Continental (http://www.continentalnyc.com/)  has all drinks for either $2 or $4 ‘till 8pm.  Boom.  Deal.  Getting ready to drop some serious dough at WD-50 or perhaps waiting for your reservation at Pig and Khao and need to wet your whistle?  Barramundi Bar (http://www.barramundiny.com/) has 2 for 1 drinks ‘till 8.  Double win!  Looking for cheap oysters? My rolodex says the Lobster Joint is calling your name.

The Lobster Joint in the lower east side (there’s also one in Greenpoint and Rockaway Beach) has a doozie of a happy hour.  $4 beers (and they’re good beers too!), $4 lobster, crab or oyster sliders (but please, who’s ordering anything but the lobster) and $1 oysters are the name of the game from 4-7pm weekdays.  Weekdays includes Friday my friends so get the weekend off to a great start.Lobster Joint Sliders

This place is great.  If the weather is good they’ll open the roof.  It’s one big, open skylight and it’s glorious.  They’re pouring a good selection of seafood friendly beer.  They’ve got dark and stormy cocktails flowing for the low, low price of $4.  The oysters are cold, creamy and delicious…served with lemon, horseradish, cocktail sauce and the classic mignonette.  The lobster slider wasn’t enormous but was packed with enough sweet lobster to satisfy your craving.  And hello, it’s $4. 

Seating is pretty ample but it’s a popular happy hour so be prepared.  Sit at a hightop if you like but the hubby and I prefer the bar.  See you there next Friday! 

P.S. Their regular menu ain’t too shabby either and they’ve got a nice looking $19 prix fixe brunch that includes a mimosa OR a lobster claw bloody mary!!!

This urbanspoon link is for the Greenpoint location because they don’t have the LES one listed yet. Here’ the LES info:
201 East Houston St. (bet. Ludlow and Orchard) • 646.896.1110 • 646.896.1200

Lobster Joint on Urbanspoon


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